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Aviatest Testing Centre has completed a range of works on creation of the bench equipment for the new type of aircraft

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, Aviatest Testing Centre of LNK Aerospace Division, which is a part of the LNK Group, has successfully completed the complex and important range of works on creation of the bench equipment and commencing of the entire programme of testing of the frame system of a new type of advanced aircraft (convertiplane).

The works were carried out as a part of the European Union NICETRIP programme, and the total amount of the project's financing was more than 2.5 million euros. The final stage of testing was attended by project's partners and leading experts of the European leaders in helicopter engineering, such as AIRBUS HELICOPTERS and AGUSTA WESTLAND corporations.

The final review of the NICETRIP programme is scheduled to be held in Brussels in first quarter of 2015; there, a decision will be made about the list of participants of the new European Aviation Programme - Clean Sky 2 - where Aviatest expects to take its rightful place.


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